Connect Activities: engage and encourage thought.

From everything I have read and experienced the importance of the starter activity cannot be understated in my opnion. Unfortuantely we are human and we all know if we aren’t gripped in the first few minutes we are less likely to retain what ever is to follow. Think of the last film you watched? The last book you beganContinue reading “Connect Activities: engage and encourage thought.”

5 Ideas for Showing Progression In Lessons

With the focus of progression being even more scrutinised within our lessons I became a hoarder of ideas: beg, borrow, steal and even creating ideas for showing clear progress within my lesson. Below are five ideas that I have tested out with my students; disseminated to my faculty and felt have had a significant impact onContinue reading “5 Ideas for Showing Progression In Lessons”

Improving Writing Skills 1

In preparation for the English language exams the students were finding that it was the basics in their writing that they were struggling to get right. They created a list of all the things they were finding difficult and I created lessons to help them. The FOUR key areas are: variety of sentence structures creatingContinue reading “Improving Writing Skills 1”