Silence is Golden

Silence is finishing last, Gold goes to the class who revolt against Victorian ways. Long gone should be the Gradgrind days!   Passiveness is outdated. Predictable – uncreated are the students surviving that torture. Quick gag the teacher – another circus performer!   Concentration is archaic. Lessons too formulaic. Which is to blame this time:Continue reading “Silence is Golden”

Hope for my Students

The classic scenario, Thirty year Elevens want to go Anywhere but here Stuck in their own fear –   Too frightened to attempt Wanting to be exempt. Rejection – reaction – exposure But they solider On –   Teacher sits in hope How will her student’s cope? She hopes they will see  The potential sheContinue reading “Hope for my Students”

Those little things…

Like the surprise of a silver coin in your pocket, Its touch like the cold air on a sweltering day.   The plane soaring through the sky emulating The butterflies causing small waves in your stomach.   As light as the blue sky reflecting the sea Its perfection in its imperfections. The white waves –Continue reading “Those little things…”

Furniture Future?

Triangular arrangement, Feug Shui furniture. Strengthen a relationship: A foundation. Oriental in choosing; “A bit of spice” he says. The Vase, tip of the structure Like Dan Brown states: ‘The chalice’ Relationship built to mate, Unintentional malice. It faces light with envy Basking in the glow of young love. A relationship on show, As closeContinue reading “Furniture Future?”

Cheers to Floyd / Education or Rule a Nation?

I don’t need no education. In what I want to it’s got no function.   My idols be her off TV She gets what she wants By giving the ‘V’.   Jordan, Jessie, Jay Z, They’re my teachers. They let me be me.   There’s no room for education. Today’s world runs on exploitation.  Continue reading “Cheers to Floyd / Education or Rule a Nation?”

Just like all the rest

I’m just waiting: Waiting for the start whistle; Waiting for the opening night Of my life.   I’m just hoping: Hoping for the acknowledgement; Hoping for the smile of recognition Of who I am.   I’m just wishing: Wishing for life to start: Wishing for the unachievable Dreams.   I could Wait, Hope, Wish forContinue reading “Just like all the rest”

Working Title: Emotionless – Chapter Two

Trying to capture a male view has been difficult. Comments more than welcome. Chapter 2: Leon   Not yet. I’m not ready to face this yet. My eyes bore a hole in the ground as I avoid all other possible views. I know what is there, so why look? The thin, yellowing grass seems toContinue reading “Working Title: Emotionless – Chapter Two”