Alternative Reality.

Alert! Alert! A new species make the endangered list Oh the teacher’s are pissed!   Education lacks status. Respect dissolved along with dignity, All we care about is getting famous, Flaunting inhibitions and frivolity.   School’s will join the museum masses; A blast from the past, they’ll say, Any attempt to avoid their classes. EducationContinue reading “Alternative Reality.”

Working Title: Emotionless Chapter One.

Any comments on how to improve the characterisation are more than welcome! Chapter 1: Alice I had leant on the newspaper so long my forearms were stained black with the print. I rubbed them absentmindedly as I continued to stare at the article on my dining room table. My reaction to the story had moreContinue reading “Working Title: Emotionless Chapter One.”

21st Century Goddess

Apple. Athena 2012. Boyfriend stealing slut! I’d trade secrets with Medusa But I wouldn’t want to delve Into the life of a mutt! Angelic in appearance; her white entities whoring themselves around. Proud to prance around all male personalities. Attached each sense Filled them up. Pleased them from every facial orifice. Sight, sound, save itContinue reading “21st Century Goddess”