Working Title: Emotionless – Chapter Two

Trying to capture a male view has been difficult. Comments more than welcome. Chapter 2: Leon   Not yet. I’m not ready to face this yet. My eyes bore a hole in the ground as I avoid all other possible views. I know what is there, so why look? The thin, yellowing grass seems toContinue reading “Working Title: Emotionless – Chapter Two”

Working Title: Emotionless Chapter One.

Any comments on how to improve the characterisation are more than welcome! Chapter 1: Alice I had leant on the newspaper so long my forearms were stained black with the print. I rubbed them absentmindedly as I continued to stare at the article on my dining room table. My reaction to the story had moreContinue reading “Working Title: Emotionless Chapter One.”

Working title: Emotionless

My first attempt at writing a novel…. the working prologue…. Prologue My teeth chatter incessantly as I glance heaven ward and then back down to my actuality. This is the first time in a while, I realise, that I can collect myself and consider the reality of my situation. In all the time I hadContinue reading “Working title: Emotionless”