Crushed by the weight You’re reduced to your knees. The four walls close in It’s like a personal prison. You’re only escape is to battle The Rubix cube. Every combination you fail Brings you closer to scream. Your will is tested Your strength to with stand. The excruciating pain doubles its attack. You’re forced toContinue reading “Pain”

Demonstrating learning – how I want it to be in my classroom

This is a much contextualised word depending on your subject area. The over arcing concept is that that the students must show by whatever outcome you choose that they have learnt something new and put that learning into practice. The pit falls of this are the legitimacy of the pedagogy put in place in orderContinue reading “Demonstrating learning – how I want it to be in my classroom”

SOLO Taxonomy and Paper Chains – Developing an analysis

As an English teacher the demonstration of understanding is in the written outcome (most of the time, and particularly when preparing for a literature exam) SOLO thinking (as I use with my students) is the students own checklist of their development… and to make it visually clear I added the ‘thrill’ of making paper chains.Continue reading “SOLO Taxonomy and Paper Chains – Developing an analysis”

Selfish Networking

Twentieth century brought power and greed But twenty first century encouraged another breed Of selfish communicators Typical one way escalators Updating others with statuses For purposes Unbeknown to the reader. We feed each other regular snippets of our lives From mundane to ‘I won the prize’. I question the affects; What do these people expect?Continue reading “Selfish Networking”