SOLO Taxonomy with students

I have been entrusted with a small intervention group on English. Knowing the students in this group, I knew before I even entertained the idea of going over, again, the key skills; I needed to make them aware of what they were [or in this case weren’t] bringing to the table in English. So I began byContinue reading “SOLO Taxonomy with students”

Literacy Lifelines

Literacy is not just “OFSTED’s next big thing.” We have to embrace literacy for our students, for their future. The worry for businesses; that students leave without being able to correctly punctuate and or simply express  themselves through the written word is becoming an increasing concern. So how are we tackling this at school? And I don’t just mean inContinue reading “Literacy Lifelines”

I Don’t Know Me.

Is it pressure? Is it jealousy? Is it conforming to society? This relentless feeling That I can’t measure Up to the ideology.   I fight emotionally I fight consciously I fight the torment looking for clarity? This indescribable feeling That I’ll never master My own destiny.   I’ve no control I’ve no guided path IContinue reading “I Don’t Know Me.”

That Little Thing Called Friendship

I’m losing my friends Like I’m losing my keys. The term I use loosely as I think they pretend Friends, after all, at not easy to please.   Friendship is a photo It captures a time in which Two people become a combo But as life speeds up friendships Become too much.   The fastContinue reading “That Little Thing Called Friendship”