TLT16 take aways

I thought I would make the best use of my 4 hour train journey back to reflect on my practice in the context of the teach meet in Southampton this weekend.  As always when I attend these events, I have found it reenergising. If nothing else sometimes this is enough. Everything else is a bonusContinue reading “TLT16 take aways”

Action Research – Metacognition Part 1

Premise: My research aim is to evaluate the impact of metacognitive strategies on learning and progress in a secondary school. Focusing on research by: Daniel Kahneman: Thinking: fast and slow Peter Brown et at: Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning Carole Dweck: Mindset David Didau: what if Everything I knew about Education wasContinue reading “Action Research – Metacognition Part 1”

Improving my Teaching of Grammar

I set myself a challenge this term to improve my teaching of grammar in order to help students develop their understanding and analysis skills. I have found every year, by the time my students reached GCSE, they are struggling to identify the basic word classes like nouns and verbs when analysing writer’s craft. So, IContinue reading “Improving my Teaching of Grammar”

Explain lessons don’t have to be Didactic

As an English teacher, teaching context can, at times, seem like there are only a few pedagogical approaches and they become over used. I have lost count of the times in which , when introducing a new topic or text, I’ve reverted to my expert groups approach. I’d had enough of using it, and theContinue reading “Explain lessons don’t have to be Didactic”

Getting the Science and Research into the Classroom.

I’ve found the last few years of education frustrating, I am sure like many other teachers. When the “buzz” of independence was brought to the fore I was already a real believer. I felt lucky that my job allowed me, at the time, to really promote independence. Sadly, I feel the message, or at leastContinue reading “Getting the Science and Research into the Classroom.”

Using Making it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning with staff and students.

After so much controversy on what independence is and how / whether it should be an essential part to learning and teaching; I wanted to spend this year looking deeper into what worked in learning. I turned to the scientists and research: Thinking: Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman and Making it Stick by PeterContinue reading “Using Making it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning with staff and students.”

“Selling” SOLO Taxonomy to Staff

On my Independence Teaching journey the next academic year is the move from encouraging my students within my own classroom to expanding independence whole school. With six school teacher training sessions based on encouraging our students to be independent and resilient learners; I really want to provide training that is not only interactive but showsContinue reading ““Selling” SOLO Taxonomy to Staff”

Teaching independence and Progression

So I am on a mission at the moment to make my students more “prepared” and more “aware” of their learning. I have been testing out any ideas, initiatives, theories that I can acquire from theorist and other teachers [and on here too!] Progression is a big push at the moment and I have beenContinue reading “Teaching independence and Progression”

Silence is Golden

Silence is finishing last, Gold goes to the class who revolt against Victorian ways. Long gone should be the Gradgrind days!   Passiveness is outdated. Predictable – uncreated are the students surviving that torture. Quick gag the teacher – another circus performer!   Concentration is archaic. Lessons too formulaic. Which is to blame this time:Continue reading “Silence is Golden”

Hope for my Students

The classic scenario, Thirty year Elevens want to go Anywhere but here Stuck in their own fear –   Too frightened to attempt Wanting to be exempt. Rejection – reaction – exposure But they solider On –   Teacher sits in hope How will her student’s cope? She hopes they will see  The potential sheContinue reading “Hope for my Students”