SOLO Taxonomy and Paper Chains – Developing an analysis

As an English teacher the demonstration of understanding is in the written outcome (most of the time, and particularly when preparing for a literature exam) SOLO thinking (as I use with my students) is the students own checklist of their development… and to make it visually clear I added the ‘thrill’ of making paper chains.Continue reading “SOLO Taxonomy and Paper Chains – Developing an analysis”

SOLO Taxonomy with students

I have beenĀ entrusted with a small intervention group on English. Knowing the students in this group, I knew before I evenĀ entertained the idea of going over, again, the key skills; I needed to make them aware of what they were [or in this case weren’t] bringing to the table in English. So I began byContinue reading “SOLO Taxonomy with students”

“Selling” SOLO Taxonomy to Staff

On my Independence Teaching journey the next academic year is the move from encouraging my students within my own classroom to expanding independence whole school. With six school teacher training sessions based on encouraging our students to be independent and resilient learners; I really want to provide training that is not only interactive but showsContinue reading ““Selling” SOLO Taxonomy to Staff”