TLT16 take aways

I thought I would make the best use of my 4 hour train journey back to reflect on my practice in the context of the teach meet in Southampton this weekend.  As always when I attend these events, I have found it reenergising. If nothing else sometimes this is enough. Everything else is a bonusContinue reading “TLT16 take aways”

Action Research – Metacognition Part 1

Premise: My research aim is to evaluate the impact of metacognitive strategies on learning and progress in a secondary school. Focusing on research by: Daniel Kahneman: Thinking: fast and slow Peter Brown et at: Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning Carole Dweck: Mindset David Didau: what if Everything I knew about Education wasContinue reading “Action Research – Metacognition Part 1”

Revision techniques for the classroom

We all know the feeling when it gets to exam season; the students have covered everything and we’re all tired.  Over the years, thanks to some fab colleagues, amazing books and Twitter I’ve managed to collect a good 10 “spiced up” revision techniques to use and adapt for all subject areas. I’ll list these belowContinue reading “Revision techniques for the classroom”

Getting the Science and Research into the Classroom.

I’ve found the last few years of education frustrating, I am sure like many other teachers. When the “buzz” of independence was brought to the fore I was already a real believer. I felt lucky that my job allowed me, at the time, to really promote independence. Sadly, I feel the message, or at leastContinue reading “Getting the Science and Research into the Classroom.”

Demonstrating learning – how I want it to be in my classroom

This is a much contextualised word depending on your subject area. The over arcing concept is that that the students must show by whatever outcome you choose that they have learnt something new and put that learning into practice. The pit falls of this are the legitimacy of the pedagogy put in place in orderContinue reading “Demonstrating learning – how I want it to be in my classroom”

Instilling Independence Through Homework

My quest to help the students gain independence in their learning is slowly growing in strength. The progress has been slow due to having to change my mind set in order to encourage such behaviour; yet has still believed in independence and had it instilled in me from an early age. Educationalists (us!) have so much thrownContinue reading “Instilling Independence Through Homework”

Is Independence a Myth For Schools?

Is it fair to demand independence from students? Is there time and justification for implementing independence in students? I am sure as children we were all the same: we wanted to stay up later; watch that 18 certificated film and be free to make our own choices. We wanted to be treated as an adult,Continue reading “Is Independence a Myth For Schools?”

Envoking independence through Displays

My next steps on my journey to independent and resilient learners is to make my room as user friendly as possible. There is much debate over what displays in classrooms should and are used for. They are time consuming to create, and most of the time form a list of students’ work from a “let’sContinue reading “Envoking independence through Displays”