Crushed by the weight
You’re reduced to your knees.

The four walls close in
It’s like a personal prison.

You’re only escape is to battle
The Rubix cube.

Every combination you fail
Brings you closer to scream.

Your will is tested
Your strength to with stand.

The excruciating pain doubles its attack.
You’re forced to withdraw
Forget who you are.

Does it matter who wins
Your pride is already gone
You hope that one day
You can battle on
I can battle on
We can battle on

Because you are more than words
You are more than pain
You are more than grades.

I am my decisions
I am my choices
I refuse to fail!

The battle goes on.

Published by krystaljem

The epitome of the cliche those who can't do... teach. More specifically English and Media... Oh one can dream can't they? My passion is creating: poetry, fiction, baking, clothes. I like to try my hand at anything. I love the escapism and have respect for anyone who can eliciate an emotion from me from their work! I hope that one day I can evoke that others.

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