Lost Mind

My mind has done it again.

Fallen into its own cavernous pit of despair.


It has entrenched itself in the selfish confines,

Resigned to wallow unhurriedly and without focus.


The commonality does not make this a comfortable place to visit.

On the contrary each fall seems to go deeper than the last.


It is your own Pandora’s Box.

Living, waiting locked in your mind filled with

Every worry, concern, fear.


All those things that you stop yourself saying out loud –

Dead bolted away to protect you.


But like the regularity of

The tides my lock breaks

And instead of letting the worries escape my mouth

And hurt others

I volunteer myself –


The suicide mission.

Published by krystaljem

The epitome of the cliche those who can't do... teach. More specifically English and Media... Oh one can dream can't they? My passion is creating: poetry, fiction, baking, clothes. I like to try my hand at anything. I love the escapism and have respect for anyone who can eliciate an emotion from me from their work! I hope that one day I can evoke that others.

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